Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Bunny Day! The Easter Bunny came to my house last night, and I was such a good girl. I did not chase him away like Mommy thought that I would. He brought me prizes, so of course I was not going to chase him away. Mommy took pictures of me and Noah with our Easter baskets. I will post them soon.

Everyone took Noah and Jake to see the Easter Bunny at The Bass Pro Shop. Grandma even showed up to have her picture made. Who said an 83 year old can't have her picture made with the Bunny. I have posted the pictures for you to see!

Noah with the Easter Bunny in his Easter outfit.

Grandma and Noah with the Easter Bunny!

Jake and Noah with the Easter Bunny.
It is the first Easter for both of them!

Jake with the Easter Bunny.

Mommy and Daddy have told me the meaning of Easter. I know that we all celebrate bunnies and baskets and eggs, but I am a smart beagle and know that we are actually celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mommy and Daddy told me that if Jesus had not died on the cross for us, then we would not be here today. I thank Jesus every day for what he has done for us. Remember Jesus today as you celebrate with your family.

And that's just the dog's life!


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