Monday, April 6, 2009

Noah meets his Great Grandmothers

I am so jealous. Noah gets to go places that I used to go. But I understand why I don't get to go as often. Mommy's hands are too full to handle both of us. But this is one trip that I would have loved to have gone on.

A couple of weeks ago, Noah got to go to Leeds for the first time. He went to Nanny's house to see her and to get to meet Aunt Donna, Nick and Sarah for the first time. Nanny had not seen Noah since the hospital so she could not believe how big he had gotten.

After Nanny's house, Noah got to go to Grandma's house. Remember that Grandma was in the hospital and Mommy was worried about Noah meeting Grandma. Well, he was able to meet her. (I would have loved to have gone to Grandma's house because she has deer! I would have loved to have gone to see Nanny, but she has Buddy! Scares the poop out every time!)

Grandma is doing much better these days. I am sorry that I have not posted an update on her. She came home from the hospital after a week and a half stay. She still has to have breathing treatments though. She fusses about them, but knows that it is what she needs.
Did you see that Noah has a cute Pooh outfit on?
And that's just the dog's life!

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