Monday, April 6, 2009

Little ones in my house

We had a visit a couple of weeks ago from Mrs. Melissa Brewer. Claire and Logan got to come with her. Mr. Danny was unable to come over because he was working. Mommy works a lot with Mr. Danny at weddings. He owns a DJ company called Feel The Beat Entertainment ( ). I have never seen him work but Mommy talks good things about him. I do enjoy seeing him when he comes to the office. He always talks to me.

Claire seemed to really like Noah when she was here. She kept asking to hold Noah. Mrs. Melissa would sit next to her and let Noah sit in her lap. Mommy could not resist snapping a few photos.

Logan played with me while he was here. He brought my basket of toys over for me to play with. I was unsure at first, but Mommy kept telling me that it was ok.
I enjoyed seeing them and hope they come over to play again. Next time, Mr. Danny will have to come with them!
And that's just the dog's life!

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