Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Convict in my back yard!!

You must be wondering by my title. No, I did not have a jail convict in my back yard, I had Convict in my back yard. Let me explain.

There are lots of dogs in my neighborhood, many of who we do not know their names. So, we come up with names for them. This started with "Bob Jones". "Bob Jones" has a brother named Cornbread (and that is his real name.) Cornbread and his brother always broke out of jail and came to my backyard to play with me. My mommy and daddy knew Cornbread's name and who his owners were. He lived 4 houses down from us. We did not know (and still do not know) Cornbread's brothers name. We thought that since Cornbread was such an original name for a dog that his brother needed a good old southern original name. What more original can you get than "Bob Jones"? Cornbread and "Bob Jones" owners came up with a solution to the duo breaking out of jail. They now have a fence within their fence.

A couple of weeks ago, and new face showed up in my backyard. Daddy noticed him long before I did. I overheard Daddy mention him to Mommy before she let me out to do my business. Guess who comes to see me while I am outside. That is right... "Convict". (His nick name came from him constantly "breaking out of jail.") Daddy had been watching "Convict" come walking down the alley followed by a sleepy teenage boy chasing after him. This happened about 3 times. The 4th time, "Convict" was loose without his follower. He stayed in the backyard with me for a few minutes. Mommy finally convinced Daddy to take "Convict" home. 30 minutes later, Daddy was still walking around the neighborhood with "Convict" following at his feet. Mommy thought that it was funny, but I did not. I tried to talk Mommy into letting us go walk with Daddy and "Convict". Daddy decided to give up, knowing that "Convict" would eventually find his way home. It was a sad face when Mommy shut the front door with "Convict" on the door step. We have yet to see "Convict".


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