Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Am I spooked? It is not Halloween yet!

I was spooked... and spooked BAD! Daddy laughed at me, but I did not think it was funny. I even had Momma Gena spooked at first, until she figured out why I was spooked... and then she laughed! Let me tell you my side of the story.....

Daddy has decided to tamper with the E-Bay thing, and he excitingly sold his first item. We left home extra early yesterday so Daddy and GrandDanny could complete their E-Bay transaction. I did as I always do when I get to Momma Gena and GrandDanny's house. I said my hellos, gave my morning kisses and asked to check out the back yard. (Must check to see if any C-A-Ts have walked through in my absence.) I made it out the door and that was about it. I stopped dead in my tracks and all of my hair on my back stood straight up! I started growling. Daddy said I even started foaming at my mouth. Momma Gena was spooked by my reactions, thinking there might be someone in the backyard, and yelled for my Daddy to come see what was wrong.

Daddy came to me and saw what I was spooked by. (Your not going to believe what it was...) It was a stick ghost decoration that Momma Gena put in her backyard. Yes, that is all that it was. Daddy found it funny! Momma Gena found it funny! GrandDanny found it funny! Maggie did NOT find it so funny!

Daddy walked into the yard with me, while I was still foaming at the mouth and snarling. I walked clear around the yard to avoid meeting my assailant. Daddy tried to get to me meet my assailant, and as I inched forward, he shook the ghost in my face and made me jump. I was not happy at my Daddy! Momma Gena told Daddy that I inched around the backyard all day. I have posted a picture of my assailant!

Momma Gena did not feel good last night. Daddy told me that she is ok... had a reaction to new medication. Momma Gena--- I am glad that you are ok! I love you bunches!


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