Friday, October 17, 2008

Major M-D last night!!

I had a major M-D last night. What is a M-D you ask? M-D stands for Melt Down! Daddy needs to figure out how to video a M-D and let me post if for you! They are so much fun. Mommy calls me her little badger when I have a M-D. The truth is... Mommy started this M-D. She was getting ready for bed (and I was playful, as usual). She stuck her hands under the sheet and acted like they were attacking me. When I have a M-D, I start running and barking loudly. I jumped from the bed, ran to the loft, turned around and ran back to the bed. I even used the bed as a ramp. Mommy went downstairs with Daddy and I followed - in M-D mode! It was such fun. Daddy tried to calm me down, but it did not work. I eventually stepped wrong and let out a yelp, which required me to calm down. Such fun... especially before bed. Fortunately I did not hurt myself.

I am at Momma Gena and GrandDanny's house today. It is raining outside, so I decided a lazy day on the bed would be perfect. Jake is coming to our house to spend the night tonight. I am not so excited about that. It does mean lots of Mommy time once Jake leaves. Aunt Jennifer says that it is preparing me for Noah. Papaw thinks I will have a different attitude towards Noah. I guess that we will have to wait and see. Check back on Monday to see what happens this weekend!


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Brett said...

We met Maggie last night at PetSmart for the Halloween get together, with our beagle Bear. Bear would love to have Maggie come over and play sometime. Bear lives in Gardendale, which is not very far away. Let us know if Maggie would like to come play sometime. Brett and Mary Frances,