Thursday, October 30, 2008

Typical Thursday

I am sad today. Yesterday was Mrs. Robin's last day at Bubbles & Bells. I really liked having Mrs. Robin around. She would take me outside for breaks and walks. We knew that 5 pm was our break time. Thank you, Mrs. Robin, for playing with me and giving me packing material. I will miss you bunches.

I have been very lazy today. I have mainly spent the day on the couch. (Guess I am pouting!) But tomorrow is Halloween. The scary ghost decorations will finally be gone. I think my lady bug costume will be in action again tomorrow night. Mommy says that we are going with Aunt Jennifer and Jake to Mrs. Melissa's house for fun and games. We will get to trick or treat afterwards -- I have a feeling that there will not be many treats for me, but there will be tricks.

Good news is that GrandDanny will come home from the hospital tomorrow. I can not wait to see him. I may have to go stay with him and skip on some of the tricks. (Those ghost decorations scare me too bad.)


By the way... leaving Momma Gena's house last night, I had a little rear end problem that required Daddy to roll the window down while we drove off. I thought it was funny. Mommy and Daddy did not! :-) Too much Mexican for lunch with Mrs. Robin.

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