Thursday, October 2, 2008

Full of Vinegar!

As Momma Gena says, I have been full of vinegar today. Ask my mommy! I went to work with her this morning and tore into everything. When Mommy and I got to Bubbles & Bells, Daddy had breakfast cooked. He cooked bacon, eggs and toast, YUMMY was it good! Papaw gave me a few bites of bacon.

After breakfast I laid down on my bed like a good girl. I felt the need to be on "Shred Duty" today. Papaw started going through papers in his briefcase and I decided I needed to help him. He started to trash some junk mail that I helped myself to. I shredded it to pieces! FUN! I also love bubble wrap that comes in Mommy's shipments. I kept pulling it out of the trash wanting to shred it. Daddy told me no! :-( When Nina came to the office, I helped myself to my bag and pulled out my treats. I took the bag to Nina, (I knew that she would give me one. I told her that I had been a good girl.) She asked Papaw and Mommy why I took her my treats. She asked if anyone ever gives me treats, I said "no" (with my sad eyes.) HEHE!

Daddy brought me to Momma Gena and Granddanny's house on his way to The Point. Momma Gena invited me to help her dig up turnip greens. I have been dying to get into the turnip green patch and she would not let me... I figured I should help since she was offering to let me help dig. We have not dug them up yet, but I am sure that I will make a game out of it. Aunt Jennifer and Cousin Jake are coming over tonight to eat turnip greens. (Uncle Paul does not eat "grass" so I do not know what he will eat. Guess I will have to offer him some of my chicken, rice and veggies.) Mommy is coming to eat after her wedding rehearsal. She does not let me go rehearse with them. Don't know why... I would be a good girl. She said that I would be busy smelling the golf course at this wedding. Oh well.

Check back tomorrow to see how the turnip greens are. I hope I get a bite since I am helping with them. I will ask my Granddanny! :-)


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