Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Howl-O-Ween Party at Petsmart

My Lady Bug Costume

That's right... Mommy and I went to Petsmart's annual Howl-O-Ween costume party last night. I had so much fun! Momma Gena, GrandDanny, Nina and Papaw joined us! Papaw took lots of pictures.

We got there and stood in line to have our picture made. While standing in line, I made a friend named Bear. You would not believe it, but Bear looks like me! We both made the same sound when we saw each other. Bear's Daddy had to bring him over to meet me. After we had our picture made, we hung around until the costume contest and pet parade. We talked to Bear's Mommy and Daddy and met several other friends.

So the parade started. I was a lady bug and Bear was a hot dog. We walked in line together. My hat kept falling in my eyes because it was too big. Sadly, we did not win the costume contest, but Mommy said I was number 1 to her. I got a new baby in the process. You would not believe what we lost to... first prize went to Rhett Butler. (that was ok because we know his mommy and daddy.) Rhett Butler is an English Bulldog that was dressed as bumble bee. Second prize went to a smaller dog that wore a scary mask the whole time. (I think he won because of the mask.) Third prize went to.. that is right.... a 76 pound turtle that was dressed as a pumpkin! It was funny.

I had a good time though. Mommy is going to dress me and Noah up next year. Mommy said that she is going to dress me as a Fox (Fox and the Hound... get it? HAHA!)


Me & Mommy


Me & Bear meeting for the first time

Rhett Butler!

The Pumpkin Turtle!

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Brett said...

Maggie's blog inspired us to start one for Bear. Here is his blog.