Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Day

Well, today is one of those days. Mommy, Daddy and I have had a lazy day. Boy - has it been great! Most of my day has been spent snoring on Mommy's lap. This weekend was non-stop for Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy's business had bridal show yesterday at B&A Warehouse. Saturday was spent preparing the store for the show. Mommy, Ms. Carlie and Ms. Robin packed up the store to take it to B&A. Daddy elected for me to stay in my "bedroom" on Saturday, since there would be so much in and out of the store. (And they did not expect to be gone too long.) Daddy ended up having to help Papaw with a project at Nanny's house. Mommy went to pick up Daddy. She was sad that I was not with her so that I could see Nanny and Buddy. (Buddy is Nanny's dog. He is a Great Dane/Dalmatian mix. Yep - he is HUGE! He scares the poop out of me every time!)

Momma said that is was good that I was not with her because Buddy had played in something that he should not have and would require a bath when Nanny got home. She said he smelled really bad! Momma did not get to see Nanny. Did not sound like I missed too much.

Momma Gena and GrandDanny came over Saturday night for dinner. I was in a playful mood Saturday night.... because I had been in my bedroom for 7 hours. I demanded walk after walk. Nothing satisfied me.

I had church Sunday morning. All of my "babies" attended with me. We did not have a baptism this week. (Mommy and Daddy say that we have baptism when one of my babies falls into my water dish in my bedroom.) Momma Gena and GrandDanny came to get me after their church. I was so excited to be free from my "bedroom" and ready to RIDE! Everything was good until we got to their house. Just as we pulled up, 2 small strangers were sniffing out the front yard. They even felt the need to mark their territory. HOW DARE THEM - THAT IS MY YARD! You know I went NUTS! I demanded a walk and had to sniff the entire front yard to see where they had been. Fortunately it was not too bad.

So, that brings us to today. Lazy! Daddy felt Noah kick for the first time today. That has been the highlight of the day. I think I felt him kick. Mommy was laying on the bed and I was beside her with my head on her tummy. She said that she could not tell if it was Noah kicking or if it was me swallowing. I say it was Noah!

Mommy's new website went live yesterday. Mr. Caleb did a great job getting it together so fast! Her new business is Se Marier Weddings. Check out her new site - She is promoting wedding planning full time now! (I do not know what that means for Bubbles & Bells. I guess we will find out later!)


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