Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our first family outing

Mommy and I have been very bored inside our house for the last week. You see, this is not normal for me and Mommy. We are always "on the go" whether we are going to Momma Gena's house or to Bubbles & Bells. But we have been in our house for over a week. Mommy says that we can not go "out" until Noah has his shots. I don't understand... Mommy and Daddy take me to Petsmart and I get my shots. Why can't we take Noah to Petsmart and get his shots? I asked Mommy and she said that Noah is not old enough yet. I just don't understand, but oh well.

Momma Gena, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Paul and Jake have all been sick this past week and have not gotten to see me. Daddy said that if they all felt better (and their cooties were gone) that we could have our first family outing to Momma Gena's house for dinner. Well... we made it. Our first family outing! Jake got to meet Noah for the first time. I was so excited to finally check out my backyard at Momma Gena's house. (They have HUGE C-A-T-S in their neighborhood that feel the need to walk through my backyard. I have to protect my area!) While Jake was meeting Noah, I helped GrandDanny grill the hamburgers.

Mommy took some pictures of Jake meeting Noah. He did not know what to think. Noah had his Tigger outfit on and Jake really liked the Tigger feet.

Jake is such a big boy now. He is almost able to play with me. He really wants to play, but I am not sure. Those hands look like they will grab and pull my ears. Jake was playing in the floor with his toys and I felt the need to get my toys out also. Jake cried because he thought I had his toys. I jumped in Momma Gena's lap. It scared me.

Our evening out was fun. It did not last too long because Mommy still does not feel good but we had a good time anyway. Noah cried on the way home, so Mommy sat in the backseat with him. (I had the front seat to myself!)

And that's just the dog's life!


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