Monday, March 9, 2009

Noah Pics

What is wrong with this. Mommy keeps asking me to give Noah updates on MY blog. She created a blog just for Noah, but does she use it... NO! She asks me to use mine. I am not sure about this. I might have to vocalize my opinions.

Since I am already posting about Noah, I guess I can give you an update. All he does is eat and sleep. He did manage to sleep the entire night last night. That was very good for Mommy because she did not have to wake up. I kept an ear out for Noah though!

The best part about having Noah around is all of the people coming to visit. We had a pleasant surprise this weekend by Angie, our cousin. Angie lives in North Carolina but happened to be Nashville and decided to drive down and visit with Grandma. Angie and Aunt Audrey both came over Saturday night to meet Noah, and play with me of course.

Mommy does fuss at me for my barking, but it does not seem to bother Noah. Just because we have a new baby in the house does not mean that I have to stop protecting my corner of the neighborhood. If anything, it means that I have to protect it even more.

Here are a few pictures of Noah:

Mommy, Daddy and Noah (Where is Maggie?)

Noah sleeping like always.

Aunt Audrey meeting Noah for the first time.

Angie meeting Noah for the first time.

Even though Daddy and I both have red hair, you can see that Aunt Audrey and Angie both have red hair. Noah was destined to have red hair!

And that's just the dog's life!


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Melissa said...

Congratulations ya'll! He's so cute and he looks asleep in every one of those photos! Not fair. I was awake every two or three hours!

Give Maggie a scratch or two for me.