Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Out Twice in 1 Day

Yes, I know how to sit in time out. And I have been there not once, but twice today. Here is what happened:

There were 2 C-A-T-S across the street at Ramar's house. They were taunting me. I felt it necessary to speak to them, but Daddy did not. I got a little loud with my vocals and scared Noah (and Daddy.) He got up so quickly and spanked my rear end. I hopped on the couch next to Mommy and had to sit there for a few minutes while I calmed down.

My second time out experience was even worse. Daddy went to Moe's tonight to get dinner. Daddy was really enjoying his nachos when Papaw Mark called Daddy to talk a minute. When Daddy talks on the phone he walks around. Mommy was changing Noah's diaper and Daddy was in the kitchen and I felt the need to taste Daddy's steak nachos. Boy, were they good! Mommy heard my licking chops and turned around in time to catch me in action. Daddy, again, spanked my rear end and I found myself alone in the chair, in time out - again. This time it was for longer. As soon as Daddy told me that I could get up (which was forever!) I immediately jumped in his lap to show my apologies. I sat there for the longest.

Ok, so I deserved both time out trips, but twice in one day. I have not been in time out in so long that it wCheck Spellingas tough to be there twice today. I guess I really need to be watching my actions. My lessons today: don't eat Daddy's nachos!

And that's just the dog's life!



Jen said...
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Jen said...

You've past your gang initiation...I got a whippin yesterday for stealing 2 of mommy and daddy's steaks they were supposedly saving for "leftovers" whatever those are... but I enjoyed myself before the spanking! --Lady